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Passion Cycling

In this image film Chris talks about his one and only passion cycling and reveals why it is such an important aspect in his life. 

Product: Image Film / Commercial 


An image film about the innovation of EMPLEOX called ONE HXM: The flexible full package for relaxed HR work. 

Product: Image Film / Commercial / Product Film

More time for People

This image film shows what a recruiting process entails.

Product: Image Film / Commercial / Product Film

Brand Based

Customer Project: Röhm

The story of how a chemical company completely changed their entire IT-processes, enable them to be ahead of the competition. 

Product: Brand Based Documentary 

The People of EMPLEOX BPO

This film is part of a series showing the people behind the successful outsourcing company EMPLEOX BPO.

Product: Brand Based Documentary 

Process Harmonization at hübner

The story of how the German mobility expert Hübner was able to scale it's global business through the help of SAP SucessFactors. 

Product: Brand Based Documentary 

Pace of NYC

This travel films shows the pace of vibrant New York City.

Product: Travelfilm / Social Media Film 

Social Media
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